post-ponycow (audrawilliams) wrote,

What do you wish you did every day?

I'm trying to get into some new habits.  This is what I would like to do every day, and why!

Take iron and inhalers (so I can breathe and have energy!)
Stretch (my mood is so much better when I feel loose limbed and in my body)
Read for half an hour (time spent with my Kindle always makes me so happy)
Make a blog post (I miss longer conversations than those that happen on Facebook)
Eat a home-cooked meal (I really feel maxed out on restaurant food)
Check my bank balance (I'm really bad at knowing how much money I have and it makes me so anxious)
Email a family member (there are so many great people I'm related to who aren't on my radar)
Learn something (sometimes I feel like I don't know anything that I didn't know five years ago. I'm sure it's not true, but still)
Get enough sleep (this makes/keeps me sane, but I am so bad at it)
Brush my teeth as soon as I wake up (sometimes I stall on this and start doing something else and then I feel so gross and stuck)

What would your list look like? 

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