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What colour is your parachute?

The federal government is launching a website it says will help Canadians identify which sectors of the economy are currently hiring and where job growth is likely to occur in future years.

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley told a news conference Wednesday the aim is to let students and older job seekers know what kinds of skills they will need to address the demands of a changing economy.

Here it is!

It's a super ugly site (the Government of Canada "common look and feel" is hideous), but I think it's a pretty interesting idea! I hope it helps people from starting down career paths because they are looking for a sure job at the end, only to find there is no demand for their new skills. I know not everyone goes to school for that reason, but many people do.

The site is pretty simple, even if there are too many steps. You type in the job you are considering, and then drill down to the specific incarnation of that job, and where you want to work.

Another interesting feature is this form, which lets you click off your skills and knowledge. The layout of the form made it clear to me that I have way more skills than knowledge. Maybe that's a college vs. university thing?

Anyway, when I filled it out, it told me to go work at Ubisoft.

What'd you get?
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