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My totally fantastic achievements of today

1. Buying TTC tokens on my way home from work instead of scrambling for change. I can pretty much always find $3 that lets me get on the subway/streetcar, but when I CAN'T in the morning I am totally screwed. Getting tokens would add about 15 minutes to me before-work commute (when it really counts), and less than 5 to my after-work commute (which is rarely as time-sensitive).

2. Figured out how to get a temporary parking pass so the car can be on my street (rather than Jairus's place, where it usually lives in his garage), so I could do grocery shopping after work and bring the groceries home and not have to drive the car back to his place and then TTC it back up here. I know how to get parking passes but I don't have a credit card so I couldn't do it. But then I remembered about a pre-paid credit card we got to pay for my NS driving record (which is PERFECT, by the way), but they wouldn't accept it, so we still had it. Hooray!

3. Bought real groceries like a total hero. I don't mean "real" like "food cavemen ate as opposed to the processed garbage of today", I mean "real" like "I actually thought of meals I could make and bought the items that would let me make those meals". Often I get into a grocery store and totally choke and just come out with a bunch of discrete items, but I don't really come home feeling like I have "groceries", exactly.

4. Brought the groceries home after eating at Jairus's, rather than just bringing in perishables and leaving the rest in the car and falling asleep at his place rather than deal with my own apartment/groceries/life.

5. Carried all the groceries into my apartment, even though I had to park super far from where I live. Then put them away! Wow!

6. Made my bed (my sheets were on loan at Jairus's. He has just moved and things are not all unpacked yet), even though I half just wanted to crash on the couch.

7. Washed my face and got into bed before I was too tired to. This happens to me all the time. I am on the couch online and I want to wash my face and go to bed but I am so wiped out and so I am like "I'm working up the energy!" but I don't actually believe that is a thing you can do when you are zonked in the first place!

8. Didn't bring my computer charger to my room, so I have limited battery power, to keep me from being online all night. Used that limited time to write an LJ update, such as it is, instead of just clicking through Facebook.


Apr. 26th, 2012 12:17 pm (UTC)
YAY this entry made my heart sing (as I love all things to do with pedestrian accomplishments of life). I have struggled with the face wash thing too, and I used to be an amazing before-bed flosser and now I am usually to exhausted -- but I did floss that night, and I washed my face.

Don't you feel so good when you are lying in bed at night and you realized you accomplished things that previously seemed like hurdles?

I once made a list of food that we eat fairly regularly and then listed out all the ingredients of those meals - you really have to be honest with yourself though. Don't pretend you are going to make quinoa and kale mush when realistically you won't really eat it and instead will let it rot while you order take out. That list enabled me to mindlessly shop for ingredients that I kept on hand and not have to worry about running out of things (mostly). I pretty much have that stuff memorized now. I usually also make two of the same thing and freeze one so that I have food ready on those nights I don't want to cook at all. This works so much better when you are single in a lot of ways. When I first started working a friend and I would make ll our meals on Sunday night together while we split a bottle of wine and rocked out. It was fun and productive. (god, in retrospect I hope this paragraph didn't stress you out! I have this horrible knack of making things seem so much more complicated than they need to be)

I wonder if we are going to lock horns on the food thing at any point? I am super big into food and food systems and I often think of real food as food minimally processed as possible. I try to eat that way as much as I can. However, lots of lowly-to-no-ly processed food comes in boxes and even I have to bust out the hot dogs and KD that I sometimes. Perfect is the enemy of the good, afterall.

Apr. 26th, 2012 01:22 pm (UTC)
Your LJ is one of my FAVOURITES, so that's super exciting to hear!

I totally love feeling like I finally got things done that seemed IMPOSSIBLE. It's funny, because I do a lot of things in a day that might look externally like big accomplishments, but ... I guess I mean I might have a day where I am like "Here are three great types of content we should be doing on the Because I am a Girl website!" and then knock off a handful of them. But I still can't, you know, remember to bring my yogurt to work. I dunno. That was more clear in my head.

The food list is an amazing idea, and I totally agree that it should be realistic rather than aspirational.

My problem with the way I see a lot of people using the phrase "real food" is the same way they say "real women". Like in a smug moralizing way (I don't feel like YOU EVER do this, for the record). And that's what I am trying to avoid.

I have been trying to think in terms of "whole foods" instead. I wish that wasn't already a brand name, because I think that "whole foods" vs. "processed foods" is a lot more objective than "real food" vs. whatever. But yeah, working at Oxfam and Plan has made me think a lot more about food security for everyone and what my role in that is.
Apr. 27th, 2012 01:09 am (UTC)
Relevant to our interests!

Whole foods is a much nicer term, I agree. "Real food," is a real mudslinger of a combination because it's usually bandied about insultingly. It's just the currently accepted term, so I will work on avoiding that phrasing.

A big of a segue, this is great.
Apr. 27th, 2012 01:09 am (UTC)
OMG you like reading me! Oh yay! I like reading you too!



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