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Your Dirty Answer

Oh I try to relate to with my shipmates.

10 March 1976
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I'm sort of a work in progress.
22, 24 hour diners, 613, abortion rights, activism, advocacy, ad·ver·sary, american sign language, amy campbell, apologies, arts and crafts, audra williams, banter, bea arthur, bitch magazine, boundaries, bruce springsteen's nebraska, buffy sainte-marie, canadian politics, cardigan sweaters, cat power, cb i hate perfume, cbc, chagall, change, collaboration, communications, community development, conflict resolution, conversation, cornershop, crafts, danskos, deaf culture, dill, diy, dogs, doing something about it, dolly parton, donnie darko, dorothy parker, dusk, emiliana torrini, english muffins, enthusiasm, etymology, explaining, feminism, first wave feminism, frida kahlo, gay rights, good lighting, googling yourself, grace, guilt, haircuts, halifax, harlan ellison, hawksley workman, heather corinna, hijinx, hip hop, history, hope larson, hydrogen peroxide, jesse dangerously, john irving, kathleen hanna, kimya dawson, kindness, knitting, kristin hersh, le tigre, lefty lucy communications, leslie segrete, lost in translation, love, love and rockets, lynda barry, marilyn monroe, mcsweeney's, media, media relations, ndp, nellie mckay, neutral milk hotel, new democratic party, nightswimming, nina simone, noam chomsky, one-hour crime dramas, ottawa, oxfam, parliament, patsy cline, peaches, photobooths, politics, pony da look, power, privilege, public relations, quandries, reading, relationships, restraint, rilo kiley, roky erikson, scalp massages, second wave feminism, self publishing, sex, sleeping, small business, socialism, solidarity, speechwriting, spur-of-the-moment road trips, standing my ground, stephin merritt, stina nordenstam, stitch n' bitch, sustainable economies, televised parlimentary proceedings, the cbc, the decemberists, the glaucoma hymn, the golden girls, the ocean, the pixies, the shaggs, the smell of dirt, the smiths, third wave feminism, throwing muses, thunder and lightning, to kill a mockingbird, tommy douglas, toronto, unions, unpacking my invisible knapsack, whistleblowers, women, women in politics, wordplay, words, work, writing, yarn, zines